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SARRUT Avocats is a business law firm founded in 1946 by Jean Sarrut (1904-1969), Attorney at the Paris Bar and Barrister-at-law (Lincoln’s Inn) in the UK.

Already recognized for his expertise in handling international cases, Jean SARRUT assisted Jean MONNET, one of the ” Fathers of Europe ” during his stay in Washington after the Second World War.

When he came back to France in 1946 he established his own firm specialized in International Business Law, still unsual at that time.

International network and advanced specialization

Nowadays, the firm advises French and foreign companies in the fields of Intellectual

Property (patents, trademarks, designs and models, domain names and author law – Copyright), Competition, Distribution, Franchising, Licensing, and Consumer Law. The firm also provides litigation assistance before French and Community courts, IP offices or international arbitration chambers.

At last, SARRUT Avocats is one of the few French Law firms able to provide an expertise in the patent field, from drafting and filing the patent applications to the grant of the patent, portfolio management, defense in case of infringement and contracts srtucturing.

Our values

SARRUT Avocats grounds its good reputation and longevity on three essential values :

  • A human relation, sincere and faithful, with our clients.
    Although we use the latest technologies in our daily work, the human contact is essential to the good practice of our skills. It is the only way to strengthen and develop our network, to our viewpoint.
  • The clear conscience of the world which we live in, and its ceaseless troubles and changes. SARRUT Avocats also teaches its members a feel for adaptability and creativity, in order to offer the clients any kind of solutions.
  • Discretion. In our world plunged into outrageous media coverage and addicted to social networks, discretion is a value in which we believe.